Virtual instrument for Native Instruments KONTAKT sampler

Product Logo of MORPHED - Weaving Soundscapes

Instant Inspiration! Morph and play beautifully crafted instruments and intuitively create unique and engaging new sounds.

Cover Design of MORPHED - weaving soundscapes

39 €  (+VAT)

Please note: MORPHED is a Kontakt library that requires the FULL version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher. This Library does NOT work with the free Kontakt Player.

Explore the MORPHED Instrument

Get a quick overview of the features of MORPHED. A new composer toolkit for profound musical storytelling.

Play Video about MORPHED - a quick overview of our new Kontakt instrument
Play Video about Morphed - a "Playthrough" of our new Kontakt instrument

The concept of MORPHED

Instant Inspiration! Play and morph beautiful crafted sounds and intuitively make them your own. Minimalistic design with powerful expression capabilities. Turn the MORPH Knob and start creating.

Listen to the Demos

Hear MORPHED in action. We are excited how you will use it in your compositions!


150 instrument patches: 58 Morphing instruments, 92 Single instruments.

Download size: 1,28 GB size (compressed)

NI Kontakt Version Requirements: Full Version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher. Does not work with the free Kontakt Player.

the Morphing Instrument user interface of the Kontakt library MORPHED

The Morphing Instrument Engine

  • 58 unique Morphing Instrument Patches
  • Every Patch consists of 3 Sound Layers which can be seamlessly morphed while playing.
  • beautifully designed Pads, Textures, and Pulses 
  • Easy finetuning with Low Pass Filter, Reverb Control, and Attack and Release
the Single Instrument user interface of the Kontakt library MORPHED

The Single Instrument Engine

  • 92 Single Instrument Patches
  • All Sounds are derived from organic Soundsources meticulously recorded, sampled and designed.
  • Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Ukulele, Singing Bowls, Violin, Zither

Customer Feedback



This is some really excellent sound design; both the individual sounds and their combinations. Congratulations!

Bee Abney

(on VI-Control)



Wow, this is really great stuff, kind of 2 libraries into one (...) 

To be honest: when the announcement came out I thought: again? do I really need another one of these pad/texture "morphing" ones?

But the single instrument sounds really make the difference for me and kind of help to get into the idea of the morphed ones for me.

(...) Every single instrument has its own character and is mostly not heard before.


(on VI-Control)



 The quality of the sounds is really good and the presets are very tasteful. (...)

I like that the guitar loops and pulse instruments are tempo-synced and have basic rhythms that will be easy to incorporate into existing compositions or build a base for a new composition.

A lot of the patches made me think--"this one would be great for the beginning of a song!" (...)

There is a sense of minimalism in a lot of the patches, but at the same time, many have little organic scrapes and bowing noises that make them interesting and not static.

(...) I'd definitely say it seems more than worth the price to me and I'd recommend it to any of my fellow texture junkies out there.

Owen Smith

(on VI-Control)

About the Creation of MORPHED

Tobias Hang - Visions TNT Music

“We strive to create sounds, that are unheard of, deeply emotional, and intuitively playable.”

My name is Tobias Hang and I’m the owner of Visions TNT Music, a music production company specializing in film music and developer of MORPHED.

Since creating and developing individual signature sounds for my compositions is a vital process in my workflow for years, I now decided to go one step further and create a unique instrument and make it accessible to the creative community. 

I love the idea of creating a sound by hand with all its soul and imperfections and hosted in an up-to-date digital environment. If there’s such a thing as a handcrafted virtual instrument, this could be it.

Bowing and plugging an acoustic guitar for the Kontakt library MORPHED.
Photo Collage showing the process of sampling wineglasses, an electric guitar and a guitar zither.