1. Download the library via Gumroad.
  2. Unzip the library.
  3. Move the library folder "MORPHED by Visions TNT" wherever you like.  (Tipp: Don't change the folder structure of the library, because this causes problems loading) No further installation is needed. 
  4. open the library with your KONTAKT Sampler & enjoy using MORPHED! 

Drag & drop an instrument patch (nki.) onto Kontakt. You find the patches in the folder "instruments". Choose Morphing- or Single Instrument.


A more elegant and faster way to organise and use the library is by using the "quickload" function in Kontakt. (click here for more infos on quickload)

Only the full Version of Kontakt can open unlicensed libraries. That is a restriction of Native Instruments. Our libraries are at the moment not licensed for the Kontakt Player. More infos about the KONTAKT sampler.

We are using the e-commerce platform Gumroad to host our libraries and to process payments. Therefore Gumroad, Inc. will be issuing the invoice to you.

If you are buying from inside the EU, you will be charged VAT Tax on top of the sale price, depending on your location. 

You will see the final price when you reach the checkout page. There, the system will determine your location or you can add this information to see the final price.

Just enter your VAT ID upon checkout and the price will be changed accordingly. 

You do NOT need an account to buy our products on Gumroad.

If you have an account, MORPHED will show up in your gumroad library. If not, you will always be able to access and redownload MORPHED through the link in your receipt.

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  2. Mastercard
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  4. Discover
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  6. Diner’s Club
  7. PayPal
  8. Apple and Google Pay

You can pay with various credit cards on Gumroad, either by directly entering your card, or using Apple Pay or Google Pay. You have the option to save your card in your Gumroad account.

See instructions here.

If you are experiencing problems you can contact us via email. support@visionstntmusic.com